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Golden fleece fiber Hackle combi

We developed our own Golden Fleece Fiber Hackle with special feature. We designed an interchangeable hackle for the use of both single & double row tines. It is possible to switch easily between those types using the same solid beech wood base. The working width is 12" (300mm). The hackle will be supplied including a set table clamps and designed to be used clamped to a table in order to provide a solid base to work with. Working with coarse to medium fibers, we recommend you using the single row hackle. The double row hackle is great for finer fibers and suitable for de-hairing double coated fleeces and is excellent for color blending combed or carded fleeces. The pins are at different heights so combing can be done on the higher pins before carrying out fine combing with both rows of pins.

- Interchangeable single- & double row
- Suitable for de-hairing and blending fibers
- Solid beech wood base with plated tines
- incl. 2 table clamps and accessories to fix the tines
- 12" (300mm) working width
- Pin length; single row 80mm & double row 60 and 80mm

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